bnb btc pool is live

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June 14, 2021

bnb btc pool is live

The BNB/BTC pool is officially live and trading is open for the token pair on Sovryn.

Last week we launched our BNB bridge allowing users to bring Binance Coin over into the Sovryn protocol. Now, we are scaling out opportunities for Sovryn BNB holders to include yield farming for the BNB/BTC pool and to activate trading across the token pair.

Yield farming rewards are available to liquidity providers of the BNB/BTC pool and will be equivalent to 35K SOV for the first week. On June 21st the rewards will be recalibrated. At today’s prices that’s over $1.27m of SOV available to early liquidity providers!

We encourage you to take advantage of the bridge to bring your BNB over to take part. Follow the link here to find out how. The SOV rewards will be under the usual vesting contract of 10 months.

BNB token contract address: 0x6D9659BDF5b1a1Da217f7BBAf7DBaf8190e2e71b

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