Claiming $FISH and LP yield

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August 28, 2021

The Sovryn AMM $FISH/BTC pool just went live with 10.5m $FISH and 24.045 RBTC in liquidity. The initial price was set at 310 sats/FISH and will be driven by supply and demand going forward. This means that $FISH is now tradable with every other asset on the Sovryn AMM!

$FISH tokens from the pre-sale are also available to claim. Here’s how:

How to claim pre-sale $FISH tokens

If you purchased $FISH in the Origins pre-sale, your tokens are now available to claim on the Origins Platform.

1 - Head over to Sovryn’s Origins Platform Claim Interface

2 - Engage your browser, mobile or hardware wallet connected to the RSK Mainnet. Ensure you are connecting the same wallet address as was used in the pre-sale.

3 - Next, see the amount of $FISH you have to claim. The interface will specify the exact amount to be sent to your address and to the vesting contract. The vesting $FISH amount will vest linearly for 10 months, meaning 10% of that amount will unlock every month and be claimable in the ‘vesting assets’ tab of the Portfolio.

4 - After claiming, view the liquid and vesting $FISH balances in the Portfolio.

Please note: due to the insane transaction traffic you guys are generating at the moment, the average price of transactions has risen on Rootstock! This has caused delays in pending transactions and failed transactions due to a lack of gas. Users can increase gas prices and limits to increase the chance of successful transactions.

So, now you own some $FISH… what can you do with it? The Babelfish governance system is being finalized as you read, getting ready for the first of many proposals as well as establishing the yield-based ecosystem for the future of $FISH holders. In the meantime, $FISH liquidity can be provided to Sovryn’s AMM in return for a share of the fees generated by swaps in and out of $FISH! Here’s how:

How to provide liquidity to the Sovryn AMM $FISH/BTC pool

Fees can be earned on the swaps between $FISH and RBTC by providing liquidity to the AMM. The current fee on each swap is 0.3%, which is shared between all LP’s based on their share of liquidity in the pool.

1 - First, head to the Yield-Farming page and engage your browser, mobile or hardware wallet.

2 - Find the $FISH/BTC pool and press Deposit

3 - Select the amount of $FISH you wish to provide to the pool. The equivalent RBTC value will be calculated, you need to provide and equal value of $FISH and RBTC to the pool. After choosing, hit Deposit.

4 - Confirm the transaction in your wallet

5 - See your balance in the pool on the Yield-Farming page.

Yield-farming rewards (on top of fees) on the $FISH/BTC pool are yet to be established, stay tuned to hear about additional earning opportunities with $FISH but until then:

Stay Sovryn!

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