Defiant integrates Sovryn’s AMM

brought to you by Sovryn

Mobile wallet company Defiant has integrated Sovryn’s AMM, enabling users to swap RBTC, rUSDT, DOC or BPRO for SOV tokens in a single tap, permissionlessly.

Defiant is a non-custodial mobile wallet & P2P market which integrates the Bitcoin, Ethereum and RSK ecosystems and allows users to explore DeFi protocols by using WalletConnect.

Swap like a pro!

Getting SOV has never been easier. All you need is a Defiant wallet installed on your mobile to access the token swap feature. Remember you need some rBTC to pay the RSK network fees. However, you won’t need to set the gas fees as required by desktop wallets. Defiant have automated it, for a seamless experience.

Many other Sovryn swaps are also integrated into the app, so you can trade between rBTC, SOV, DoC, BPro and rUSDT with just a few taps on your phone.

Got SOV, now what?

Take a look at Sovryn’s staking feature Staked SOV will immediately start earning you a portion of the platform trading fees. Revenues are distributed on an ongoing basis to those actively staking, in relation to their voting weight.

As a Defiant user, you can use WalletConnect to link to the Sovryn dApp and start earning straight away 🚀

Stay Sovryn!

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