25 Jan 2021

At each step along the Sovryn roadmap, the community continues to astonish us with their enthusiasm and ever-increasing levels of participation. After opening the Genesis Round for OG users today, demand was instant and heavy beyond our expectations - even with BTC falling 25% in the week leading up to it (in fiat terms, if you are into that kind of thing…).

The Genesis Round was specifically for Sovryn’s early contributors and was initiated by the world’s first Bitocracy. A community vote held last week opted to initiate the Genesis Round and to increase the number of cSOV reservation tokens available from 1.8 million to 2 million due to demand.

Genesis Round details:

Since the Bitocracy voted with the go ahead for the Genesis round last week, the team has worked quickly and tirelessly to put every part in motion in order to hold the sale as intended by the Sovryn community.

The cap of 50 BTC was reached (and exceeded) in the time it takes to mine just 1 Bitcoin block.

A few notes for participants:

The team will evaluate every aspect of the Genesis Pre-sale to prepare for the Programmatic Sale so that it succeeds and exceeds every expectation, just as the Genesis pre-sale did.

This round was open only to early users of the Sovryn platform, who used Sovryn prior to January 8th. If you joined Sovryn after that, welcome aboard. We will be releasing our Whitelist for the SOV programmatic sale soon and hope you take the opportunity to be first in line.

Celebration time!

To celebrate the successful Genesis Round, we’re holding an exciting AMA in Discord on Tuesday, January 26, to answer questions and to invite everyone to join a Community VICTORY LAP.

Bring your best victory lap meme for Sovryn and get a chance to win 100 $SOV tokens for the best meme!

@EdanYago, contributor to Sovryn, will lead the AMA and speak on the outstanding success of the $SOV Genesis Pre-sale, while recounting the inspiration and mission for the first DeFi for Bitcoin secured by Bitcoin PoW.

Join our vibrant Discord Community to stay involved and informed!

Look out for the AMA tomorrow 4pm GMT in the Discord Community Voice channel!

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