Get Stacking with our biggest Loot Drop yet

brought to you by Sovryn

May 24, 2021

The markets are fluctuating, it happens.
The only thing you have to decide is what to do about it.

When the markets get tough, the tough get stacking.

Today Sovryn launches its biggest Loot Drop yet: 40K SOV in rewards in the first week alone!

Here’s the deal. You provide a 1:1 ratio of SOV and BTC the SOV/BTC AMM liquidity pool and instantly start accruing your share of 40,000 SOV rewards. The offer runs for seven days starting at 9:15am UTC today, 24th May. Additional rolling weekly rewards will be up for grabs and details will be announced towards the end of each week.

To take part navigate to Liquidity Mining via the Finance menu. Connect your wallet and select the SOV/rBTC pool. Click on ‘Deposit’ and follow the on-screen instructions. To read more about Liquidity Mining see our wiki post here.

The 40k SOV loot drop is currently equivalent to over 1 million USD, and is just the first promotion of this week where Sovryns will Ride the Bear to financial freedom. Every day this week we will be bringing you a new feature or offer. Stay tuned and prepare to be awakened.

Stay Sovryn!

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