Got SOV, Now what?

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April 5, 2021

Origin SOV tokens are now unlocked!

The SIP-0016 fix has been Executed on Mainnet and you can now “withdraw” your SOV.

To do this navigate to and update the dapp (blue box in the lower right hand corner), reload, re-engage your wallet, and you’ll be able to withdraw your Origins (or Genesis) SOV. *Withdrawing requires a transaction fee, in rBTC

Now you are loaded up with SOV perhaps you wondering what to do with your stash? As of today, you can take advantage of Sovryn’s staking feature to start earning straight away. Here’s how to get ahead of the curve.


Choose to stake your SOV at and immediately start earning a portion of the platform trading fees. Revenues are distributed on an ongoing basis to those actively staking, in relation to their voting weight. This combination of voting power and revenue yield incentivizes long-term commitment and thinking.

SOV stakeholders can choose the length of time in which they intend to stake their tokens (up to 36 months). They may also delegate their vote to other participants to incentivize experts to specialise in Sovryn Bitocracy. Ready to jump in?

Check out this handy tutorial from our community member Levin that will take you through staking in a few simple steps. The staking interface is located here: Be mindful that staking will require a transaction fee payable in rBTC and that transfering SOV out to a 3rd party wallet will prohibit you from staking your SOV.

Learn more about staking in our wiki here.

Grow Your Sovryn Stash

Look out for future updates as we release more features on how to put your SOV to work. Congratulations on starting your Sovryn journey and we hope to see you in one of our community channels. Together we grow!

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