25 Aug 2021


The $FISH pre-sale is upon us! Below is a step-by-step guide to participating in the pre-sale on Sovryn’s Origins platform. But first, you will need the following:

Pre-sale specifics

How to participate in the $FISH pre-sale

1 - Head over to Sovryn’s Origins Platform

2 - Engage your browser, mobile or hardware wallet connected to the RSK Mainnet:


3 - Read the pre-sale process thoroughly and accept the terms.

Please note that 50% of $FISH purchased in the pre-sale is subject to a 10-month linear vesting period.


4 - After accepting the terms of the pre-sale, you will see the sale interface:https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/TORfp8fnzF2shh7jNOBvzNKokN8hvwHdhW7_YB99NsqX9PAih_EqSxtN6X_rV8mjKqnBlStMMnnaWizFKr8GPzYi38MEtQp66XuntK4_7rcGOcXU_pGauR3zInfYfGldNQMJcj9t=s0

5 - Enter the amount of rBTC you wish to deposit and the amount of $FISH you will receive in return will automatically populate below. Press BUY FISH when you are satisfied with your numbers.


6 - Next, confirm the transaction in your wallet. For this example, we’re engaged with a MetaMask wallet.


7 - After approving the transaction in your wallet, wait for it to be confirmed and the status to show as complete:


8 - Congratulations, you have successfully purchased $FISH in the Origins pre-sale.

Next steps

Users who buy $FISH in the pre-sale will have to press ‘claim’ on the Origins ‘claim’ page, at which point 50% of $FISH will be sent to their wallets and 50% to 10-month vesting, visible in the ‘vesting assets’ portfolio tab. Claiming of the tokens will be available from August 28 at 14:00 UTC.

Vesting begins from the most recent staking checkpoint date before the claim, the vesting tokens will only all be liquid 10 months after a user presses ‘claim’. Therefore, if a user were to only ‘claim’ their $FISH 5 months after the end of the sale, they would not have access to all tokens until 15 months after the end of the sale (5 months delay in pressing ‘claim’ + 10-month vesting).

Get ready for $FISH and enter the pre-sale here at 14:00 UTC, August 26th.

Stay Sovryn!