How to participate in the $FISH pre-sale

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August 25, 2021

The $FISH pre-sale is upon us! Below is a step-by-step guide to participating in the pre-sale on Sovryn’s Origins platform. But first, you will need the following:

Pre-sale specifics

  • The amount of $FISH available for purchase per wallet is 27,272 $FISH at a maximum purchase price of 0.062 RBTC - Do not attempt to transfer more than this amount.
  • It is highly recommended to send funds from an address directly owned by you (EOA).
  • Amounts sent in excess of the limit will be automatically returned to the address from which they were sent. Please note that if you are sending funds from an Exchange address, you may not be able to access your purchased $FISH tokens or any excess purchase amount that is automatically returned.
  • Half the $FISH purchased will be vested (liquid) upon completion of the pre-sale, the other half will vest linearly for approximately 10 consecutive months.
  • IMPORTANT - You will need to actively claim your $FISH tokens on the Origins interface, from August 28 at 14:00 UTC. Your vesting period will begin only once you have claimed your tokens.
  • The $FISH tokens that are immediately vested will be available for withdrawal from August 28, at 14:00 UTC.
  • A $FISH AMM pool will be available on Sovryn. $FISH can be used to vote in BabelFish governance as soon as it begins to vest and after BabelFish governance has been launched.
  • For any questions, please ask the community in Discord or Telegram channels.

How to participate in the $FISH pre-sale

1 - Head over to Sovryn’s Origins Platform

2 - Engage your browser, mobile or hardware wallet connected to the RSK Mainnet:

3 - Read the pre-sale process thoroughly and accept the terms.

Please note that 50% of $FISH purchased in the pre-sale is subject to a 10-month linear vesting period.

4 - After accepting the terms of the pre-sale, you will see the sale interface:

5 - Enter the amount of rBTC you wish to deposit and the amount of $FISH you will receive in return will automatically populate below. Press BUY FISH when you are satisfied with your numbers.

6 - Next, confirm the transaction in your wallet. For this example, we’re engaged with a MetaMask wallet.

7 - After approving the transaction in your wallet, wait for it to be confirmed and the status to show as complete:

8 - Congratulations, you have successfully purchased $FISH in the Origins pre-sale.

Next steps

Users who buy $FISH in the pre-sale will have to press ‘claim’ on the Origins ‘claim’ page, at which point 50% of $FISH will be sent to their wallets and 50% to 10-month vesting, visible in the ‘vesting assets’ portfolio tab. Claiming of the tokens will be available from August 28 at 14:00 UTC.

Vesting begins from the most recent staking checkpoint date before the claim, the vesting tokens will only all be liquid 10 months after a user presses ‘claim’. Therefore, if a user were to only ‘claim’ their $FISH 5 months after the end of the sale, they would not have access to all tokens until 15 months after the end of the sale (5 months delay in pressing ‘claim’ + 10-month vesting).

Get ready for $FISH and enter the pre-sale here at 14:00 UTC, August 26th.

Stay Sovryn!

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