Introducing Sovryn Labs

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February 9, 2022

Today, we’re absolutely buzzing to announce the launch of Sovryn Labs!

What is Sovryn Labs?

You can’t be curious and stagnant. You need to experiment to innovate. That’s why we’ve created Sovryn Labs - a product playground. You can think of Sovryn Labs as our test kitchen, where we’ll be releasing experimental new product ideas and features to gauge what resonates with the community.

Why we’ve built Sovryn Labs

We think it's the perfect way to keep things fresh, exciting, and innovative. Products and features released on Sovryn Labs are likely to feel a little unfamiliar to users or have limited functionality at first. However, successful Labs experiments will eventually become more refined and will have a more familiar look and feel.

We want to give the community access to features as early as possible, where you can safely try out new functionality while we experiment with things like:

  • New UI/UX patterns
  • New products/protocols
  • New chains

User Participation, Community Input

We’d like to invite help from the community to test Sovryn Labs releases and provide valuable feedback, on things like user experience, that can have a direct influence on how the product develops over time.

Alternatively, if you’re a developer working on a new experimental smart contract product, and would like to benefit from direct access to a growing community of Bitcoin DeFi enthusiasts, we invite you to reach out and discuss hosting your product as a Sovryn Labs project before the full release.

First Sovryn Labs release launching soon: Perpetual Futures

The first product to be released on Sovryn Labs is Perpetual Futures. We’re incredibly excited about this. 

Perpetual Futures are a type of derivative trading product that allow you to speculate on the future price of an underlying asset without the need to hold that asset.

We’re kicking things off with a trading competition that is open to anyone, with a total prize giveaway of $10k in SOV!

You’ll want to stay tuned for this one…

Stay Sovryn folks.

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