Loot drop for SOV/BTC liquidity pool ends soon

brought to you by Sovryn

May 6, 0202

Attention all Sovryn and Bitcoin mutants! The 75K SOV loot drop for the SOV/BTC liquidity pool will close on Tuesday 11th May, at 12:00 UTC.

For all of you amazing people who’ve helped provide liquidity to the pool by committing your crypto, let us take this opportunity to thank-you. You are voyagers in this brave new crypto cosmos. Your contributions of SOV and BTC have helped Sovryn explore and expand into new territory. There’s no way this would have been possible without you! Now for the rewards.

The way the rewards for this pool work is similar to the earlier USDT/BTC pool loot drop – Sovryn Liquidity Providers who have committed to keeping their funds in the pool for a longer period of time, get a bigger share of the rewards pie. In total there are 30K SOV for LPs in week 1 and 15K SOV per week after that.

If you’re keen on finding out how much you stand to earn for your crypto deposits, simply visit the Market Making section of our platform where you can view your percentage share of the loot and actual SOV reward for each week. Please note that these rewards will be auto staked in Bitocracy for a period of 10 months, and 1/10th will unstake every month.

Of course, there’s still time to top up your rewards by adding more funds to the system before the 11th May. Check out our FastBTC feature that lets you quickly convert BTC into rBTC with just a few clicks.

Thank you for being the most excellent community in crypto and let’s continue to explore and grow together.
Stay Sovryn!

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