MYNT Bonding Curve UI launches on Sovryn Labs

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April 19, 2022

The MYNT bonding curve app is now live on mainnet! You can trade SOV/MYNT directly using the bonding curve UI.

The MYNT bonding curve app is the latest experimental release on Sovryn Labs.

A word of caution: This app is intended for expert level use only. 

A MYNT Refresher

Sovryn Mynt is an aggregator protocol for BTC-backed stablecoins. MYNT is the governance token of the Sovryn Mynt treasury. At a technical level, MYNT is a continuous token that is backed by SOV using a bonding curve smart contract. 

Continuous tokens allow you to always purchase a given token at a specified, formula-driven price. The token price generally increases with issuance.

The MYNT bonding curve UI

The MYNT bonding curve app is a graphical user interface for trading SOV or MYNT directly against the MYNT bonding curve, creating or burning MYNT in the process.

Example MYNT purchase via the bonding curve

The bonding curve defines a mathematical relationship between the MYNT supply and the SOV price of MYNT. You can see a visualization of how this relationship works using the MYNT Observable document

In short, as MYNT is bought from the bonding curve, both the MYNT supply and the SOV price of MYNT increase. As MYNT is sold to the bonding curve, both the MYNT supply and the SOV price of MYNT decrease.

Trading on the MYNT bonding curve UI

As mentioned above, the app is initially being released as a Sovryn Labs project. While the app is functional, it should be considered experimental and may not have the same user experience or interface design you are used to with Sovryn.

If you’re an experienced user and would like to try out the very latest Sovryn functionality, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the bonding curve app user guide in the Sovryn Wiki. Then, when you’re ready, try out the MYNT bonding curve app in Sovryn Labs. The user guide also points out known limitations to the MYNT bonding curve app. If you prefer a more familiar way of trading, you can always trade MYNT on the Sovryn AMM.

Happy trading & Stay Sovryn

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