10 Feb 2021

Sovryn Individuals who signed up to the Origin Presale Waitlist will now become eligible for selection to pre-deposit. With several thousand people on the waitlist, the presale is likely to be oversubscribed. In the interests of holding a fair sale, the selection of participants will be randomized.

500 addresses per hour will be randomly selected to receive the pre-deposit information, until the full allocation of 2,000,000 SOV is fully subscribed. This process is slated to begin at 1pm UTC on Thursday 11th February. Selected addresses will receive an email from [email protected] providing them with the activated link to participate. The pre-deposit will take place at origin.sovryn.app. Sovryn will never send deposit addresses directly via email!

WARNING: Beware of scammers sending you emails asking you to send your funds.

Origin Presale Key Points

The Presale price and other details of the Origin Presale are to be determined by and subject to a vote on SIP 0006, which proposes:

To review and/or join the discussion and a SOV tokenomics dialogue around SIP0006, head over to the Sovryn Forum.

Important information about the Origin pre-deposit process

How to Pre-Deposit in Sovryn Origin Presale

Once you have received an email confirming you have been randomly selected for the Sovryn Origin Presale, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the link provided
  2. Connect your RSK wallet to the dapp (this is where you will receive your SOV after pre-deposits)
  3. Enter the email address you used to receive the Origin Presale email
  4. Confirm you are Sovryn
  5. Click to generate a BTC deposit address
  6. Send BTC to that address from a wallet other than your connected RSK wallet (sending from exchanges is not advised)
  7. Receive confirmation of your Origins Pre-order deposit
  8. Kick back and think of everyone else praying the random generator picks them next.

*You can only pre deposit BTC

Origin Presale Background

Since the Genesis Reservation Presale completed in minutes on January 25, 2021, much has happened leading up to this Origin Presale:

If you signed up for the waitlist, watch for an email from Sovryn letting you know when it is your turn to pre-deposit via origin.sovryn.app.

A huge thanks goes out to our dynamic community members, who have been instrumental in supporting the Sovryn protocol, testing out at each step of the way, and avidly participating in the world’s first Bitrocracy governance system.

Stay Sovryn!