Over 1000% Yield for ETH/BTC LP's

brought to you by Sovryn

May 26, 2021

The ETH/BTC pool has launched, get ready for our crazy launch offer!

Sovryns’ devs are continuing to deploy at a crazy pace - yesterday saw the launch of the Ethereum bridge, allowing ETH to flow into Sovryn. Overnight, since the ETH/RSK bridge went live, over 150 wallets have moved more than $1 million in ETH across the bridge to Sovryn - and the flow continues.

We are now thrilled to announce that the ETH/BTC pool is live.

Sovryn is working to bridge Ethereum and Bitcoin in order to become the best place for everyone to maintain their financial sovrynty. By bringing ETH over to Sovryn you can escape the crushing fees of the Ethereum network and trade permissionlessly on the Sovryn platform without giving up control over your private keys.

Get ready for the loot!

A new SOV loot drop will go live tomorrow to celebrate the ETH/BTC pool and you do not want to miss out. In the first week, $1.2 million worth of SOV will be distributed to liquidity providers of the AMM. This super loot drop will last 7 days. Some quick maths indicate that early pool entrants will get somewhere in the region of 3000%!!
The largest yield on ETH today.
There will be further rewards for subsequent weeks which will be revised and announced towards the end of each week.

The ETH bridge and pool are open now for pre-deposits in preparation for the 7 day loot drop. The drop will start tomorrow, 27th May.

We invite you to move your ETH over the bridge today and get ready to start stacking.

Coming up next, ETH margin trading.

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