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March 16, 2022

We are delighted to announce our latest collaborative partnership with BlinDEX!

The Sovryn ecosystem is growing. BlinDEX will be collaborating with Sovryn in a number of ways in the near future.

As more and more projects build on or use the Sovryn infrastructure, the whole ecosystem becomes more robust and decentralized.

BlinDEX is a multi-currency stablecoin platform that lets anyone mint, redeem, trade, and invest without exposure to FX(Foreign Exchange) risk. All without the need to be over-collateralized. They are creating the first DeFi platform that is currency-blind to help make DeFi and stablecoins more accessible, secure and scalable. 🚀 

The platform is built on the belief that people all around the world should have access to a trusted financial system that is 100% decentralized and built for their needs. And any healthy financial system is dependent on the stability of its currency. 

Stable assets will serve as the core building blocks in the future of Decentralized Finance.

The Blindex platform has disconnected from any existing, centralized stablecoins. This means that it cannot be sanctioned, blacklisted, paused, censored, or otherwise affected by any centralized government authority.

As true believers in decentralization and security, BlinDEX are launching on the RSK network.

The first two stablecoins are the BDUS (USD-pegged) and the BDEU(Euro-pegged) but they will soon be adding more.

We’re super excited that BlinDEX are bringing FX trading to the Sovryn ecosystem and we hope you’ll find this one of the best places to trade FX. We look forward to sharing more over the coming months! 

Find BlinDEX and all of their socials here!

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