Setting Up Metamask for Sovryn on Mainnet

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If you made it here, you’re likely a Metamask user intent on trying out Sovryn on mainnet. If you don’t wish to use Nifty wallet, that’s ok! In just a few minutes of your time, I’ll show you a quick and easy way to set your Metamask up to RSK and load up with Bitcoin on RSK through the Fast BTC relay.

Configuring Metamask for RSK

Metamask screenshot

Open up your Metamask and go to the network button at the top where it says “Main Ethereum Network”. Click “Custom RPC” and input the following:

Hit Save and make sure you are switched to the RSK network.

Next step is adding WRBTC and DOC tokens. DOC (Dollars Onchain) is a stablecoin backed by BTC. In Nifty you only need to go to add tokens and search for “DOC”. In metamask to “Add Token”. Select “Custom Token” and add the following details:

DOC Token Contract Address: 0xe700691da7b9851f2f35f8b8182c69c53ccad9db

RSK-BTC Contract Address: 0x542fDA317318eBF1d3DEAf76E0b632741A7e677d

So your Metamask is set!

Fast BTC Relay screenshot

Transferring BTC to RSK Sidechain

Sovryn requires Bitcoin to be on the RSK sidechain in order to be utilized on its trading platform. If you would like to load up Bitcoin on RSK, go to the Fast BTC Relayer application. There will be an address to send BTC to, which then mints WRBTC on the other side (for a fee of 0.1%), allowing you to trade with Bitcoin on the Sovryn app.

Hopefully this guide helped you get started with the Bitcoin-native DeFi platform. Let us know if this helps! Join the Sovryn Discord for any feedback you’d like to give.

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