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February 22, 2022

Announcing 12 weeks of giveaways for active community members!

We’ve just passed the halfway mark in Q1 and Sovryn development is going full steam ahead!

  • Perpetual futures launched on testnet last week with a trading competition
  • Trading Limit Orders are being released on testnet this Thursday, 24 February, and will be released on mainnet a week later. 
  • The BSC bridge smart contracts were upgraded yesterday to enable Perpetual Futures and FastBTC connections. 
  • Zero is well underway - expect a separate roadmap update on Zero, Origins and more later this week.

Community Manager Mayhem

While all this development has been ongoing, the market has been less than favorable in pumping bags. So, the Community Management team has put together an exciting, jam packed plan for peak prosperity, rewarding the most active and creative Sovryn community members. 

Over the next 12 weeks, CMs will host a variety of activities such as competitions, giveaways and surveys to reward valuable Sovryn Individuals and gather YOUR feedback on all things Sovryn. From development and partnership ideas to feedback on brand direction. Win varied prizes from SOV to Ledgers, Trezors, books and more!

To kick things off in true degen fashion, the first of many activities begins today with a Sovryn-focused meme competition! 

Submit your best image, GIF, comic or other type of meme and win a share of 500 SOV - with a linear vesting period of 10 months.

Meme Competition Entry Guidelines

To be eligible;

1. Retweet this tweet

2. Submit your meme as a reply to this tweet

3. Tag 3 friends & add the hashtag #SovrynMayhem

Important Dates

  • The deadline for final submissions is Friday 25 February at 8am UTC.
  • Winners will be announced on Friday 25 February at 3pm UTC.
  • Winners must provide their wallet address by 12:00 UTC (midday) on Wednesday 2 March to be eligible to receive their reward.
  • Prizes will be given out one week after the end of the competition, by Friday 4 March.

The prizes will be distributed  as follows:

  • 1st place - 250 SOV
  • 2nd place - 150 SOV
  • 3rd place - 100 SOV
  • TOTAL - 500 SOV

Note: A minimum of 10 memes must be entered for the competition to take place.

Why not join our Discord and post your meme in the #mayhem-chat channel, and stay up to date on future Mayhem events there too?

If this is your first time creating a meme, why not try an online meme generator to get you started:

Stay tuned for more updates and frequent rewards coming your way!

Stay Sovryn

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