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March 31, 2021

Sovryns and Bitcoin Mutants,

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Evolve Sovryn Trading into a Monster!

Starting 1st April at 12:00 UTC, a Loot Drop of 50,000 SOV will begin for those who add liquidity to the BTC/USDT Trading pool.

The rewards are designed to kickstart Sovryn liquidity pools so we hope you will join us on this mission. There will be a total of 50,000 SOV tokens up for grabs to users who deposit BTC and/or USDT to the BTC/USDT pool between 1st April and 30th April 2021. *If you already hold a balance there then you do not need to do anything, you will automatically start earning rewards.

Become a revered and respected Sovryn Liquidity Provider by adding your crypto to the pool. The longer you keep funds in the pool the more SOV you will earn. Rewards will be made in proportion to your contribution and the number of blocks that you are holding funds in place but please note that the rewards period will end after 30 days. The rewards will be auto-staked in Bitocracy for 10 months, 1/10’th will auto-unstake every month.

To take part all you need to do is click on the Market Making tab and head over to the BTC/USDT pool and deposit an amount of BTC and/or USDT of your choosing. Simply keep your crypto there for up to 30 consecutive days to earn a proportional share of the 50,000 SOV stash. Check out the tutorial for a step by step guide. The rewards pool is split evenly between both cryptocurrencies, 25,000 SOV will be available to USDT liquidity providers and 25,000 SOV will be available to BTC liquidity providers.

Don’t have any Bitcoin in your wallet? Don’t worry, our new FastBTC feature lets you exchange BTC for rBTC in a couple of clicks so taking part could not be easier. If it’s USDT that you want you will need to bring it in through the Ethereum Bridge, see the guide here. We encourage you to move your crypto over now to prepare as we have lifted the WL on market making.

If you already have crypto committed to the UDST/BTC pool then good work! You will automatically start to accrue rewards from April 1st at 12:00 UTC. We hope everyone will enjoy taking advantage of this promotional period and look out for other money printing opportunities in the future!!

Stay Sovryn!

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