Sovryn Hardware Wallet Integration

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May 2, 2021

Since Sovryn’s inception, us Mutants have all been using Web3 wallets to engage and use our funds on the Sovryn platform. This has been through a variety of wallets such as Liquality, MetaMask and Nifty. These wallets provide a degree of security, and can be used in conjunction with a hardware wallet for signing transactions to improve on that security. However, Sovryn has taken one step further.

Users can now engage and use Sovryn directly with a hardware wallet, without the need of a Web3 wallet. This allows quick and easy use of your funds across all of your hardware wallet’s addresses whilst remaining offline and secure at all times. Sovryn simply reads the address balances and you manually sign all transactions using your hardware wallet. Currently, both Trezor and Ledger are supported and can be selected from the ‘Engage Wallet’ button in the dapp.

Firstly, to begin using a hardware wallet directly with Sovryn, you will need… a hardware wallet! You should ensure that any hardware you acquire is genuine and has not been tampered with. It is recommended to only purchase from verified sellers and to follow the manufacturer’s guides explicitly, especially when configuring security such as choosing a passcode and keeping your seed phrase offline and in a safe place. Both official sites can be found below:

Trezor -

Ledger -

Next, head on over to the Wiki, where you can follow the full guide to using hardware wallets in Sovryn. Simply mirror the steps in the wiki guide and you will be on your way to secure financial Sovrynty!

Remember, we welcome and value user feedback. If you have any suggestions for improvements to either the Wiki or the dApp, please post your suggestions in the #User-Feedback channel of the Discord -

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