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August 9, 2021

Sovrython was a 6-week long hackathon, sponsored by Sovryn, that was designed to provide collaborative opportunities for developers to accelerate the future of DeFi. The talent gathered from various backgrounds, projects and chains lead to multiple submissions to several bounties, focused specifically on enhancing:

  • Decentralization & Privacy
  • Data science
  • Integrations
  • Finance

The Sovrython was the highest value DeFi Hackathon bounty program to ever be hosted on Gitcoin, a platform where developers get paid to contribute to code and software across open web ecosystems. Sovryn and partners offered over $500,000 in prizes and grants for winners of the bounties, stimulating high-quality innovation, some of which will continue to be developed and integrated with Sovryn going forward.

DeFi on Bitcoin is a chaotically fast-paced and revolutionary environment; we want to keep pushing forward and break moulds that don’t even exist yet! Emerging from the Sovrython, we can now continue to expand on lighting integrations, bridges, API’s, analytics and much more.

Sovryn-Sponsored Results:



Requesting solutions for lightning on and off-ramps to Sovryn, the lightning network bounty awarded two submissions, one of which offered a solution that facilitates lightning <-> RSK swaps, utilizing a fork of Boltz-exchange backend.

See the submission demo & presentation here.

An exciting project that would greatly improve transfer of liquidity between nascent Bitcoin layer 2 networks” - Soulbit, Sovryn Contributor.

See the submission presentation here, RBTC to LN Bridge demo here and the LN to SOV Bridge demo here.

Using Boltz decentralized exchange as a framework for Sovryn’s Lightning integration is a good starting point. The next steps would be to understand how different liquidity providers can be integrated” - Jamie Madrox, Sovryn Contributor.


Sovryn’s wallet bounty requested RSK preconfigured solutions that could seamlessly connect with our upcoming rollup and, ideally, integrate with Sovryn features directly. This saw one winner take the prize for an amazing solution that applies AirGap wallet, a security-focused application that allows users to sign transactions via an offline device and broadcast the signature via a completely separate device via AirGap’s Vault and Wallet apps.


This bounty specified the need for human-readable addresses that could work with Sovryn, such as thegimp.sov or exiledsurfer.rsk, similar to Ethereum’s current naming service (ENS). The winning submissions for this bounty provided solutions that operate and fit well with Sovryn, such as successfully using RNS to integrate human-readable addresses into the Bitocracy system; instead of delegating to 0xabc… you could delegate to domix.rsk for example.

Find this and more amazing work with Sovryn node and Akash deployments here.

Highly innovative project that offers great value to the community by improving the decentralization of the Sovryn DApp.” - Soulbit, Sovryn Contributor.


Find the submission video presentation demo here.

The person did a fine integration of RNS reverse resolution into the Sovyrn front-end. Basic, nothing fancy, but it works.” - Brantly @ ENS, Judge.


Looking for frictionless transitions to and from other networks, the bridges bounty was won by a submission that facilitates data transmission between any EVM-compatible chain, a live monitoring app and token transfers over the test-net via a simple UI.

Find the submission slide deck here and video presentation here.

Onchain identity

Similar to the submissions to ens-hns-rns , the on-chain identity bounty looked for pseudonymous identities that could be linked to an address, to be shown and verified on the Bitocracy interface. The winning submission covered some abstract but related problems, creating a chain query that returned a specific address’ voting history on a simple front end, as well as a test for delegates to assess their Sovryn-specific knowledge - with the idea being delegators would favor and ultimately prefer an educated delegate.

Although technically not providing an onchain identity, I like the idea and the thoughts put behind this submission. To see a delegate’s previous proposals and votes is a useful tool, we didn’t even think of before…” - Ororo, Sovryn Contributor.


Bitcoin-backed stablecoins

Responding to the need for decentralized bitcoin-backed stablecoins, the two winning submissions offered solutions such as expanding on RAI to result in an adequately collateralized B-RAI for RSK (not pegged to fiat), as well as utilizing Cataliza’s USDB, available at a minimum of 110% BTC collateralization.

Find the submission video presentation here.

Forking liquity for creating a BTC backed stable coin is a good choice… deployed on the RSK testnet, including the frontend. Very well presented.” - Ororo, Sovryn Contributor.

Find the submission silde deck here.

Given the simplicity of the fork, it would have been nice to see it with a UI attached to it or at least some documented demo scripts.” - Ororo, Sovryn Contributor


Looking for on and (mostly) off-ramps between rsk and fiat, the fiat gateway bounty winner’s submission has already caused quite the stir in the ecosystem. Focused on integration with Bisq, Harrigan’s submission has already lead to the listing of rBTC on Bisq, further improving decentralized integration with RSK and Sovryn.

Find the submission video presentation here and slide deck here.

It is a useful tool to round up the user experience on Sovryn and the use of rBTC. For the time being, while the dual-way FastBTC is still in development, it is a very welcome addition to the ecosystem.” - Unikum, Sovryn Contributor


Decentralized order-book

With the aim of introducing conditional orders such as limit, stop-loss or take-profit orders, the decentralized order-book bounty submission from branafinance provided a concept for the decentralized matching of orders based on order lists, using Solidity code.

It’s good that the contract is kept simple and does not contain complex order matching logic which can be handled off-chain…” - Ororo, Sovryn Contributor


The sphinxchat integration bounty asked how sphinxchat could be integrated with the Sovryn platform for private messaging, with the suggestion to bridge with the Fabric Protocol. The winner used sphinx-bridge to integrate private chat with Sovryn.

Find the submission presentation here.

Data Science

Improved blockchain explorers

Inspired by the lack of choice in block explorers for RSK and their current downfalls, this bounty asked for a better explorer with more functionality that could be used as the preferred default explorer for Sovryn and its users. Jamiels’ solution delivered an explorer with a new UI, with emphasis on statistics, DeFi liquidity pools and easier UX. The overall winner delivered an enhanced, Sovryn-themed redesign of RSK’s explorer, which included improved balances, tx values, error overviews and more, visible here.

Find the submission presentation slides here.

Excellent submission. Provides real value now with a working site. I enjoyed playing around with the explorer by copying in my account address and exploring. I’ve bookmarked this and will continue to use.” - Cecil, Community Voter

Find the submission video presentation here and slide deck here.

Although this was a nice idea, the execution needs improvement.” - Soulbit, Sovryn Contributor.


Looking for an easy-to-use API for querying our contract data, this bounty saw two winners, one of which offered to utilize Muniyama and Covalent APIs to sync and store queryable RSK events. The other, 1st place, submission created a solution with The Sovryn Knowledge Graph using a Neo4J database, facilitating large scale analytics on Sovryn Protocol events.

Find the video presentation here and slide deck here.

Great explainer video!” - Zoro, Community Voter.

Find the video presentation here and slide deck here.

This is an excellent use of the Covalent API and a really nice API design to give the user control over the data. Great work!” - Betsy Braddock, Sovryn Contributor


this interesting bounty focused on research into future programs and events that could improve Sovryn, including ways to increase TVL, incentivize governance stakers, new launches on the Origins platform and more. The winner, Fishbiscuit, put forward the Total Value Acceleration Initiative - analysis of the Sovryn ecosystem lead to many recommendations such as implementing a variant of EIP-1155, implementing with The Graph, introducing further financial products seen in protocols such as 88mph and more.

Partner Bounty Results:


External data for BTC

This bounty required either an application that calls an API through Airnode to facilitate an on-chain use case, integrating a new API to the Airnode protocol or extending the Airnode protocol with additional functionality.

Find the submission slide deck here.


See Covalent’s summary here.

Sovryn Analytics Dashboard

The first of Covalent’s bounties was to create a detailed Sovryn Analytics Dashboard powered by the Covalent API to improve Sovryn statistics such as lending/borrowing, liquidity, margin trading and other stats.


The second of Covalent’s bounties requested an RSK-based wallet dashboard, powered by the Covalent API that displays balances, transactions, token transfers, NFTs, portfolio values and analytics, which could ideally incorporate some Sovryn trading features and analytics.

Find the video demo here and the live project here.

Find the submission slide deck here, video demonstration here and live solution here.

Find the live solution here.

Find the live solution here, try out your own wallet and see your Sovryn Swap tx history!


For more details on Akash-sponsored bounties and their winning submissions, check out Akash’s run-down here. The results for each submission category are as follows:

Sovryn Node

  • 1st place - $10,000 with an invite to apply for a $100,000 grant: lebeau remy
  • 2nd place - $1,000 with an invite to apply for a $10,000 grant: Rustam Abdullin
  • 3rd place - $1,000 with an invite to apply for a $10,000 grant: Sara Robertson
  • 4th place - $100 with an invite to apply for a $1,000 grant: Tanishq Dsharma

Open Cloud

  • 1st place - $10,000 with an invite to apply for a $100,000 grant: Jasdeep Singh
  • 2nd place - $1,000 with an invite to apply for a $10,000 grant: ScriptMoney
  • 3rd place - $1,000 with an invite to apply for a $10,000 grant: Tanishq Dsharma
  • 4th place - $100 with an invite to apply for a $1,000 grant: Piyush

Deploy UI

  • 1st place - $10,000 with an invite to apply for a $100,000 grant: Akashlytics Deploy
  • 2nd place - $1,000 with an invite to apply for a $10,000 grant: SpacePotato
  • 3rd place - $1,000 with an invite to apply for a $10,000 grant: Grubbly
  • 4th place - $100 with an invite to apply for a $1,000 grant: Waylad
  • 5th place - $100 with an invite to apply for a $1,000 grant: SpecterofNet

To all winners:

  • It will take approximately 10 days for the process of submitting all data to the Sovryn Exchequer and completing transactions for Sovryn’s Bounties. Please be patient.
  • Bounties will be paid in liquid (not vesting) SOV to the wallet address in your gitcoin submission. Payments for partner bounties are the responsibility of the partners and will not be processed by Sovryn.

Watch the Sovrython

Sovrython Opening Livestream

Sovrython Winner Livestream

Sovrython Talks: Manu Ferrari, Money On Chain

Sovryn Wallet Dashboard Demo dApp

Sovryn Analytics Dashboard: Sovrython

Sovrython submision: RSK-Lightning bridge

Sovryn: Bridging chains with DeFi hackathons with exiledsurfer

And as always:

Stay Sovryn!

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