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January 29, 2021

Robinhood makes it clear that free markets are only truly free for those who have the power and money to manipulate them.

Everyone agreed with each other on the Internet this week, demonstrating the power of collective thought in cyberspace, as well as the collective feeling of “enough is enough” felt by believers in freedom of every stripe.

Retail traders crowdsourcing trading tips on the Internet happened to find a goldmine with Gamestop (GME) and several other stocks, using trading apps like Robinhood to make the most of it.

After buying up shares of GME and driving the price up, their actions were deemed detrimental to other bigger players, including hedge funds and Wall Street short sellers. Buying was shut down on Robinhood and other apps for retail traders, while hedge funds continued buying and selling, business as usual. Robinhood’s long standing image as a “free market platform” gave way to “market manipulator” in a matter of hours.

The Internet has already exposed many things: the limitations of retail, the benefits of working from home, that disinformation at mass scale is possible, that privacy is an illusion and censorship is alive and kicking. This week, the Internet exposed again that free markets are only truly free to those in the power to manipulate them.

WallStreetBets SubReddit

There will be a million articles, memes, Bernie memes, infographics, podcasts, emails and posts flying through the Internet in the coming days about Robinhood. Ameritrade. Centralized exchanges. Hedge funds. Systems in place to keep the little man down.

But only one piece of content is going to tell you that you can have (and help build) a new financial system. It is time to take back your financial freedom and privacy. Take back control of the global economy with a community collective of device-owning humans. Bring free markets to the masses and do it on the world’s most powerful, most secure computer network: the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Bitcoin has no leader, answers to no government or regulator, and becomes the reserve asset on which Sovryn is building the new financial operating system.

It is clear that everyone can agree on one thing: free markets are good. The problem is that the global economy has never had a financial infrastructure to support free markets for everyone. Now it is possible with advanced cryptography, layer2 technologies, blockchain ledgers, and a community of Sovryn individuals who are committed to expanding on Satoshi’s vision to bring full financial sovereignty to the masses.

We can move markets.” - The Internet

Become a Sovryn individual today and bid yourself welcome to a world of free markets that operate without anyone’s permission but yours.

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