The Sovryn Perpetual Futures Trading Competition winners announced!

A special thank you to everyone that participated! We hope you had fun while helping us stress-test the perpetual futures interface and backend.

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Top 3 Traders

The top 3 winning traders of the competition announced on Friday 25th February:

  • 1st rtedrt - 670 $SOV

  • 2nd Perp - 660 $SOV

  • 3rd kyukyu - 644 $SOV

Congratulations to the winners!

Bug Bounty Winners

Your participation and feedback has provided us with invaluable information and improvement suggestions, all of which will be used to refine the functionality and interface prior to launch on mainnet.
The 20 winners of the bug bounty reward have been grouped into two categories. Those in Group 1 will receive 19 $SOV and those in Group 2 will receive 40 $SOV.

Please carefully scan the addresses below to see if you’ve won:

Group 1:








Group 2:














The total Prize Pool giveaway comes to ~$10k in SOV, with $7.5k SOV shared among the top three traders and $2.5k SOV in bug bounty rewards. Not bad for some risk-free trading!

The SOV price is based on the previous 30 day average on the Sovryn dapp.

The prizes for the top 3 traders will vest monthly for a period of 10 months, while there will be no vesting period for the bug bounty rewards.

Prize Distribution

As previously mentioned, Sovryn will distribute prizes directly to the winning wallet addresses used during the competition.

If you are one of the named winners and would prefer that payment be made to a different address, please contact us on Discord. In this event we will authenticate ownership of the winning testnet wallets via a specific transaction - so don’t waste your time impersonating a winner!

Under no circumstance will any member of the Sovryn Team ask for your personal, wallet, or any other sensitive information. At all times, be aware of potential phishing scams and report anyone attempting to directly contact you representing themselves as part of the Sovryn Team.

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Stay Sovryn!

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How Sovryn Perpetual Futures Contracts work

Why Perpetuals on Sovryn are better

  • The Sovryn Perpetuals AMM can offer lower slippage than other DeFi Perpetual future contract AMMs with comparable capital reserves
  • Liquidity provision without impermanent loss
  • The Sovryn Perpetuals AMM allows Sovryn to offer perpetuals with different types of margin collateral. Margin collateral is often denominated in USDC if the price is quoted in USD, e.g. BTC/USDC. However, the Sovryn Perpetuals AMM can host perpetuals where margin collateral is in any token, e.g. BTC/USD with margin collateral in BTC.