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About Sovryn Labs

Sovryn Labs is a new section of Sovryn where we will be releasing experimental products and features. Products released in Sovryn Labs should be considered safe to use, while trying new concepts like:

  • New UI/UX patterns

  • New products/protocols

  • New chains

Sovryn Labs products and features are likely to be limited in functionality or feel unfamiliar to users at first, however successful Labs experiments will eventually be moved to either the main Sovryn app, where they will have a more familiar look and feel, or into a dedicated interface where the UI/UX can be further refined according to the unique needs of the product and its users.

We invite help from the community to test Sovryn Labs releases and prepare them for full Sovryn integration. And if you are a developer working on a new experimental smart contract product and would like direct access to a growing community of bitcoin DeFi enthusiasts, we invite you to reach out and discuss hosting your product as a Sovryn Labs project before the full release.

Labs Roadmap

Perpetual Futures

Leverage long and short BTC with Sovryn Perpetuals Futures Contracts

Coming soon...

Coming soon...

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