Borrow Money With Your Bitcoin — at 0% Interest

Introducing the first Bitcoin-backed loan. 0% interest. No payment deadlines. True decentralization makes this possible.

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0% interest rate

Zero charges a small, one-time fee to borrow ZUSD instead of highly variable interest rates.

110% Collateral Ratio*

Zero's efficient liquidation mechanism allows users to get the most liquidity for their RBTC. *Under normal operation.

1 zUSD ≈ 1 USD

Borrow ZUSD, a fully backed stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar that's maintained by an algorithmic monetary policy.

Maximize Your Bitcoin Today, While Retaining Future Value Tomorrow

Extract monetary value out of your Bitcoin — without ever selling, or trusting a third party

Everything you get with Zero

  • Borrow with 0% interest, forever (most crypto loans have an APR of ~8+%)
  • Unlimited borrowing up to a 110% collateral ratio
  • No credit checks
  • Pay back anytime — leave your Line of Credit open as long as a collateral ratio of at least 110% is maintained
  • Guaranteed price floor of $1 for ZUSD

How it works

Zero is a fully decentralized protocol where you can borrow ZUSD (a USD pegged stablecoin) interest-free using Bitcoin (RBTC) as collateral.

  • RBTC collateral must be maintained at a minimum collateral ratio of 110%
  • Loans are further secured by a Stability Pool containing ZUSD and by fellow borrowers collectively acting as guarantors
  • Zero is deployed within the Sovryn protocol, making it censorship resistant and the collateral system transparent
  • All operations at Zero are algorithmic, automated (contracts have no admin keys), and governed by stakers.

Imagine your earning possibilities

Some ‘stack’ loans to expose themselves to more Bitcoin without a centralized third party. Others provide ZUSD to the Stability Pool in exchange for rewards. And some stake their rewards for even more revenue. Go ahead, let the simulations run wild.

Your Bitcoin Does More For You, with Zero

Buy that house, car, or more crypto with historically incomparable rates — while keeping hold of your Bitcoin.
Happy borrowing.


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