The unstoppable, decentralized, Bitcoin-backed stablecoin aggregator

The best of multiple Bitcoin-backed stablecoins — in one censorship-resistant, ultra-stablecoin you can rely on.

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Stablecoins aren’t as stable as you think

Stablecoins are important so you can transact, trade, and invest using money at a value that’s familiar in the real world.

But many stablecoins rely on central intermediaries and are backed by collateral that is inferior to BTC. This compromises the stability and predictability of the coin.

A truly decentralized alternative is needed. This need is only becoming more urgent as regulatory actions are increasingly threatening existing stablecoins.

Introducing Mynt

B-Stable is an aggregate stablecoin for USD-pegged, BTC-backed stablecoins

Your benefits compared to other stablecoins:

  1. Enhanced stability. Manage risk by combining the best features of multiple different models for generating a stablecoin backed by BTC.

  2. Enhanced liquidity in stablecoin markets by enabling liquidity providers and liquidity mining protocols to concentrate their efforts on only one BTC-backed stablecoin instead of multiple such stablecoins

The strongest stablecoin will be the one that’s backed by Bitcoin

These worst case scenarios aren’t possible on Sovryn:

  1. Government crackdown leading to loss of funds

  2. Your address gets blacklisted because of “suspicious” activity

  3. A regulator decides to sue your stablecoin's fiat custodian and seize funds

  4. Your funds get suddenly locked — and you can’t move them until you KYC

Decentralized Stablecoins: Game Over for the Old System

“The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.”

- Satoshi Nakamoto

Sovryn Mission

Sovryn’s core mission is to continue Satoshi’s mission to establish new territories of freedom by building trustless economic tools on Bitcoin. Central to accomplishing this mission is to remove the need for intermediaries or the constraints that they impose. We started with DeFi—but the possibilities are endless on Bitcoin.


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